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I don’t gei it why so much hate for Inaho? Sure he doesn’t show his emotion but it there if you watch it careully, and the argument there’s no one like him in real life is bullshit!!! Newflash , such person exsist… really guys?!?!

First you don’t like a whiny protagonist then when we got this one you say he is dull some people really such hypocrisy, I don’t get what you all want .

And Then the Slaine Haters… this one I don’t get it completly.

… Or maybe I’m biased since both of them voiced ny Hanae Natsuki and Ono Kenshou

'I don't get what you all want'.

You know what I’d really want?  An actual female protagonist in a mecha series instead of the constant sausage fest, but seeing as that’s never going to happen because misogyny…I’d really like a interesting main male protagonists who don’t take away all the decisions of the female characters ..but that’s probably never going to happen, because misogyny.  

I know you’re talking generally when you say ‘you’ but for me the classic ‘whiny’ protagonist in a mecha series is Shinji Ikari, I absolutely adore him because he acted like a normal fourteen year old placed into a super stressful situation.  I actually really empathised with Shinji, and that made it interesting for me (I empathised with almost all the characters in NGE, actually, as all of them acted like normal people with PTS in a horrible situation.)

Maybe people like Inaho exist, but there aren’t the norm by any means (especially when they are teenagers who are going into a combat situation for the first time)- and they aren’t people I enjoy watching, I mean, I get stoic, but it would be nice if we were given a reason as to why.  As it is, it almost comes off as…strange…. Which okay, great, but backstory about why would be great.  Actually backstory about anything at all about him would be super.  I don’t think I’m asking for much, because he is a major protagonist.  Backstories are awesome, we got those for secondary characters like Marito so one for Inaho would be nice.

But then again, if they have been saving up for a shocking big reveal as to why he’s like that at the end, I’ll take all my criticisms back of said character.  Until then, he’s just kinda boring.  (tho I wouldn’t say I hate him).  For me to hate him, he’d have to actually be interesting….

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lunarsensitive replied to your post: This episode of aldnoah just frustrate…

i’m pretty much over inaho too. But i would still pick him to be in my party in a zombie apocalypse.

Yeah, remember when I liked him? LOL.  The thing is, he’s totally inoffensive, he’s not irritating, but he’s kinda just there and a super genius.  Someone else was saying he constantly takes agency away from other characters, like his sister, like the princess, like Magbaredge  etc - and you know, that’s kinda annoying.  Like he’s the only one who has any good ideas or does anything.  I kinda hope he never ends up near Slaine, because Slaine practically has no agency as it is, if the pattern continues, Inaho is just going to move Slaine around just like everyone else and …I don’t really care for that.  And I found the plot interesting before…(the plot, not so much a lot of the characters).

I hope next episode they pull out a massive shocking reveal, or something, instead of Slaine saving the day at the last minute, or Inaho saving the day at the last minutes (more likely).  If the reveal is about Inaho, or about the terran government, it might be interesting.

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This episode of aldnoah just frustrated me, I hate it when the plot is stretched out just to get an extra episode, with nothing actually of substance happening.  Also, if it turns out the way I think it will….I don’t even think I want to watch the second season…

Why is all the recent mecha so crap?  I just want a decent plot and characters that don’t stupid things constantly.  I just want to like the two protagonists, but it’s getting harder to like Inaho and I’ve be going back and forth on how I feel about Slaine. (who has not freaking agency in this series, basically he’s spent the entire season being moved back and forth by the whims of others).

And honestly, I not sure if I really care if the terrans are defeated. Like, really, what does it matter?   I’m not invested enough in any of the terran characters to care if they live or not (except maybe rayet, but not that much), so then it just becomes a matter of abstract politics and really, the martians have a good excuse, or at least Saazbaum has a good one, not that it makes his murder of  millions any better…but since they are people (statistics) I don’t know in a story, it’s hard for me to care too much.

And since I don’t even know what the terran leadership did, or didn’t do (maybe, or maybe not we’ll find out) how am I supposed to feel for the  terrans?  They probably just brought this shit on themselves.

And finally, it’s not the end of the world if the terrans lose, because humanity won’t go extinct…just the same old shit, different leadership, different name - same thing.  So it’s not like there is anything major at stake…

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The hardest thing about renting in Australia ( well apart from the ridiculously high rent) is the inspections. Every three months the agent/and the landlord have the right of inspection.

I’ve heard these mythical unicorn stories of people who have lived in rentals where they get no inspection, or rarely.

This has never happened to me. Every place I’ve leased I’ve had on the dot 3 monthly inspections.

It’s extremely stressful because even though by law they can’t get you for untidiness, they still do. In fact, I think one of the major reasons I got a non - renewal in a previous house was because the inspection notice got ‘lost’ in the mail and we weren’t clean and got a failure.

Another stressful part is that you can never really relax, at least I can’t, I always worry about my next inspection, I hate them. I hate that some stranger will be walking in and judging my housekeeping skills ( and my second hand furniture, and my manga) every three months. I hate that I can’t afford to own my own place and this is my reality until the day I die.

It’s so fucking depressing. I just have to rant because I stay awake a night wondering when my next notice will come in, and freaking out that I missed one.

It sucks.

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A.Z headcanon: why Saazbaum didnt take in Slaine five years ago      


It bothered me a lot that for all his debt to Dr. troyard, Saazbaum never took in Slaine five years ago. I mean, logically it would have been best: clearly Cruhteo did it out of being ordered and not due to liking Slaine, Saazbaum owned Slaine’s father and also, what better way to ensure that the…

My head canon is that he didn’t want to know the princess personally (especially a child), because it might break his resolve if he knew her as an individual rather than a symbol. Saazbaum has a sentimental streak, as evidenced by his rescue of Slaine because of a debt. He knows this, he doesn’t want anything to interfere with his revenge. It’s easier to kill a symbol. Emotions get in the way, make such things messy.

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