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hello yes here’s to hoping and praying they keep the sex in love stage!! today

/sigh this again

There’s a little law called the Tokyo Youth Ordinance. You may want to look it up and then reevaluate any hopes you have.

Guys HOW COULD YOU not know about some Tokyo law, I mean, what IS wrong with you?  It’s almost as if, I don’t know, A SHIT LOAD OF PEOPLE who watch anime in english speaking fandom, DON’T live in Tokyo.  Gosh.  What a strange concept.

But don’t worry, Fencer will tell you EVERY single day, in loving, patronising way, with sarcastic tags, THAT YOU’RE SO FUCKING STUPID for not knowing.

Isn’t fandom great?  I think so.

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One thing I hate about tumblr, the lack of critical thought.  Everyone just reblogs statements or political views without any seeming thought - it’s like, did you really ABSOLUTELY agree 100 per cent with that statement, or are you just going along because 22,126 people before you did…

It bugs me, because I often want to discuss issues, I don’t want to reblog them without any thought.  Sometimes I think the way tumblr is built, encourages the worst kind of lazy ignorance and discourages users from writing about how they feel about issues themselves, in their own words and I don’t think anyone can really understand things without some type of critical discussion.    And most times, after I see someone reblog something,  I doubt that they are having that type of discussion elsewhere.

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